ENZO (Julien Guyonnet) and NIKO (Alexei Akinfiev) met in Bosnia whilst serving in the UN peace keeping force. Both are studying documentary film at the University of Arts, Elephant and Castle, London.

NINA (Anabelle Munro), who is Niko’s sister, arrives in London.  She is an aspiring fashion designer and has hopes of making it in the London fashion scene. Her deep christian faith, sustains her life. Unfortunately, just after three days in London, she is kidnapped by Stephan’s (Claudio Cicconetti) gang of pimps. It seems so true to Nina that those favored by God find their paths set by thorns.

Enzo and Niko in their search for Nina, finds out that London is a capital city for sex- slaves and she has become one of the many victims of this cruel trade. The police have no answers.

Detective Murphy (Harry Summers) is a cynical and heartless cop in Stephan′s pay. Enzo and Niko take the law into their own hands.

In the final shoot out, Nina makes a break for freedom... but at what cost?

"TinyTown" ... a tale of greed, corruption and exploitation set in the unforgiving streets of south London.

Coming soon!

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